3d Animation / Presentation

Design For U has years of experience in creating animation projects. We love hard working with partners to create new and exciting visions in Media.

3d Animation / Presentation
The flexibility that comes with 3D modelling in a project’s design phase has helped businesses save on costs, rework and time. 3D modelling ensures consistency of model appearances and behavior.

Our ability to manipulate physical dimensions in 3D, businesses that hire 3D modelling services always gain the advantage of being able to preview potential project impact in case of improvisation.

3D Designing Services include:
Corporate presentation, company presentation, professional presentation service, flash website design, create cd presentation and multimedia web design solution, a way to state your dreams and to interrelate with the prospective consumers.
  1. 3D Modeling
  2. 3D Modeling & Animation
  3. 3D Graphics Animation Design

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